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Self Moving Services: Great way to save money   

What is Self Service Moving?

Whether you decide to opt for self moving through the services of moving truck rental or self-service containers is a matter of personal choice. But according to many relocation experts, self moving becomes smoother with fewer chances of breakage and damage during transit if you are careful right from the beginning. This means, that with good packing, half your relocation problems are solved. While you might hear about plenty of free tutorials which offer good packing tips, there are many household goods which are potential problems and unless you are particularly careful with these types of goods, your entire self moving exercise might become messy. Here are some suggestions which are applicable to household goods which may create a problem during self packing:

The items which face the greatest chances of breakages are wine and other bottles containing alcoholic beverage. But did you know that it is illegal to transport alcoholic beverage containers which have been opened already? Thus, either you must empty the containers or dispose of them.

Similarly, ensure that all bottles containing cleaning supplies, oils, liquid food, juices, paints and solvents are tightly sealed. After ensuring their seals, put them in a box, which must be stuffed with shredded paper or crumples of paper to give them a snug fit. You may also stuff old towels and tissue cloths to check any seepage which might still occur.

All bottles and cans must be placed upright in boxes where paper stuffing may be used to hold them in that position. Try to place the boxes containing bottles and cans on the floor of the moving truck. Keeping them high above, increase the chance of your other goods getting damaged in case there is any breakage or leakage.

You could do many activities much earlier than your packing day which can hasten up the entire process of packing and loading. For instance, disassemble the beds, remove mirrors from the dresser table, remove air conditioners, etc. Remember saving time when you are self moving also saves money.

While you are in the process of packing, never keep mirrors, glass or marble items, lean against anything as they can be easily knocked over and they may get permanently damaged. These items should be few of the firsts to be loaded onto the truck by making them stand upright against the walls of the truck interior. Add padding under each of these items to protect them from the road bumps and subsequent jerks. You could tie them up firmly with the truck wall or better still, place them upright between mattresses for added protection.

Some of preparatory steps include undoing the water hoses, ice makers inside refrigerators, gas connections on stoves or dryers. If these jobs are done ahead of time, then packing and loading can be quicker.

Self moving means that you have to work hard and put in a lot of physical labor. Remember to be careful of your back and always bend your knees while picking up or putting down goods. This will prevent your from spraining your back. While lifting a heavy box, you have to squat in front of the box, pull it closer to you and then lift it with your legs and not your back.

If you have to turn with a heavy load on your hands, turn your whole body on your legs and not just twist your waist as this posture can be injurious to your back.

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